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What Causes Inverted Nipples?

Posted December 02, 2020 in Inverted Nipple Surgery

2 Minute Read: An inverted nipple, also known as a retracted nipple, points inward or lies flat against the areola instead of pointing outwards. The condition usually isn’t a problem medically and only interferes with breastfeeding if the degree of inversion is severe; however, it can make an individual feel self-conscious, especially during intimacy. What […]

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How Can I Maintain My Facelift Results? What to Know for Recovery and Long-Term Maintenance

Posted November 13, 2020 in Facelift Surgery

3 Minute Read: Facelift surgery eliminates several signs of aging, from deep wrinkles to issues such as “turkey neck.” If an experienced plastic surgeon performs the facelift, and if the patient takes recovery and maintenance seriously, the results can last well over a decade.  So what does your facelift recovery entail? And what is required […]

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Trending Non-Surgical Treatments in 2020

Posted October 02, 2020 in Non-Surgical Cosmetic Enhancements, Plastic Surgery Trends

2 Minute Read: Since 2000, the popularity of non-surgical treatments has skyrocketed. From 2000 to 2019, the total number of non-surgical procedures recorded by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) grew by 237 percent.  Changing beauty standards have led people to prefer a more “natural” look, resulting in many people turning to non-surgical treatments […]

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Top Plastic Surgery Trends in 2020

Posted September 14, 2020 in Plastic Surgery Trends

3 Minute Read: What’s New in the New Decade The first year of the new decade is passing quickly. As we reflect, we look back at the top plastic surgery procedures from the last two decades to see which procedures have seen the most growth. How Has Plastic Surgery Changed Over the Last 20 Years? […]

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